Travel Planning Made Easy At Sea Palms Estate
While house sharing platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo are popular options for booking the average vacation home, Sea Palms Estate is far from average. This waterfront mansion is one of the most sought after properties on Florida’s Captiva Island not only because of its luxurious amenities and impressive size, but also thanks to how easy it is to plan a vacation there.
Unlike other vacation home rentals, once you book a stay at Sea Palms Estate, our concierge team will be there every step of the way, ensuring you have the most memorable vacation possible.
Before Your Stay
The top-notch, personalized service begins right away, with the concierge getting to know our guests’ needs, interests and intentions for their stay. From there, they’ll be presented with different options for local excursions like sunset cruises and deep sea fishing trips; onsite activities such as private beachfront yoga classes or at-home spa treatments; as well as other add-on services like a private chef. Whatever guests choose, it will all be arranged beforehand.
Another part of prepping for a stay at Sea Palms Estate is organizing a grocery delivery. Whether you plan on cooking or simply need some snacks between chef-curated meals, you’ll be able to order all groceries online, including wine, and they’ll be delivered and stored in the kitchen before your arrival.
With nine luxurious bedrooms to choose from, our concierge also helps prevent the confusion of families and friends rushing to lay claims on their favorite spot. Instead, guests will receive a room planner, detailing the layout of Sea Palms, along with the features of each room. Everyone will get to take their pick beforehand, and name tags will be placed on the bedroom doors, so everyone knows where to go.
During Your Stay
With all the details arranged ahead of time, the only thing left to do on arrival day is meet your dedicated concierge who will give you a tour of the massive property, explaining how everything works like the elevator and interconnected sound system. Throughout your stay, the concierge is always one phone call away should any issues arise or you want to book additional services.
From start to finish, we’ll have your back, so you can enjoy a truly relaxing vacation.